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Free Phones for Port-ins: The thing i'm wondering about this phone is battery life, mAh seems quite small. And the phone is simple to use with great buttons. Not to sure which one to choose from between the Aspera F24 and the Konka U3. No need to step through the menu to get there. Item location see all Item location.
Online shopping from a great selection at Cell Phones & Accessories Store. "virgin mobile flip phones" Virgin Mobile; Cell Phone Display Size. Find great deals on eBay for virgin mobile flip phones. Shop with confidence. Shop Best Buy for Virgin Mobile cell phones. Find a variety of no-contract cell phone options to meet your needs.

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Sep 27,  · I bought Nokia Lumia for myself recently after they began to dismantle the 2G network. I hate taking my good phones into workplaces. Anyway, I .
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Radio Communication Equipment I considered getting it, but went for another model that wasn't crippled. Hopefully they'd have someone else setting up a phone for them. Easier to answer the phone in a hurry or with only one hand free so less chance of dropping the phone whilst opening the flip. Push-to-talk phone Rugged phone World phone A phone with push-to-talk features means that you can use that phone like a walkie talkie. BigW has it as unavailable online, hopefully ok instore Edit:

Btw, I prefer to buy from a street shop, because imo easier to return under guarantee if faulty. Specs on various AU sales sites say the [Konka phone] camera is: However, my phone seems capable of taking 2 MP photos. A "correction" to that.

After playing around more, I don't believe the camera is taking "real" 2MP photos. While it can produce photos that contain x pixels 2 MP , such photos almost always look more blurry than the same photo taken at 0.

Also a photo taken at 0. Was a bit puzzled about the buttons on the outside so we tried answering a call without opening the phone. Easier to answer the phone in a hurry or with only one hand free so less chance of dropping the phone whilst opening the flip.

Really glad we got him this instead of the F24 now. Unfortunately the manufacturers provide zero info to the public, AFAI can find. It's quite possible I'm "dumb" about figuring out to install mobile SIM cards, but if so, I'm quite sure there'd be a lot of older people much more "dumb" than me.

Hopefully they'd have someone else setting up a phone for them. The one-handed answer issue had crossed my mind, but no opportunity to test it yet. What do you mean by a 'full size SIM'? Thanks for that link, interesting. Does anyone know how to turn the vomume up so my grandmother can hear calls?

I can't find the settings to up the level. Thanks for the info RG09, looking at something like those for my wife, who hates smartphones. Basic calls and texts is all she wants. The external button for answering looks great. This site has its freq as — "3G frequencies: I am curious, though, for more info on the outside buttons.

My olds at one stage had an Alcatel X, and when in their pockets, even when locked, it was forever beeping at them when bending inadvertently pushed any of the buttons. I won't go there! Are the buttons pushed easily in this situation?

So, a good explain, please, on the how and what the buttons do. Some have said they are good for answering, but how does that work with the shell closed? Do they initiate anything when the phone is idle? With my oldies' experiences, this is all very relevant.

And FWIW this is printed on the box: The Konka phone shows 3 bar signal strength appears to have a 4th bar which I haven't seen on when I'm inside and no change if I take the phone outside. I know next to nothing about mobiles — am I correct in assuming that the 3 not 4 bar signal strength is probably coz of Optus coverage around here rather then anything about the phone itself?

Btw, if you can't see the phone in a BigW store, of course ask a sales person. First BigW I went into had 3, but locked in a cupboard behind the sales desk. Couldn't see any in second BigW, asked sales person who said something like "I don't think we've got them in yet, but hang on I'll check the computer The buttons on the outisde of the Konka do not beep when pressed.

Also, there does not appear to be any way to make the outside buttons beep. I'll try, and feel welcome to ask if not enough. There's nothing in the manual about these buttons, so I've just played around to try to figure out.

When phone is shut and there's no incoming call, pressing either of the outside buttons does nothing except light up the small exterior screen. The outside button surfaces are extremely close to flush with the surrounding surface.

If I drag my thumb heavily down the outside and over a button, nothing happens except small screen lights up. In settings one can reduce display time if worried about this happening often in a pocked or something, however I'm quite doubtful it would in a pocket — I think more likely something would need to poke a button.

Pressing the button under "Unlock" i. Press button under "Answer" and both caller and callee can hear each other before the phone is flipped open [Edit 1] can hear through the phone, it's not on loudspeaker, don't know if it can be made to be [Edit 2 — see more at end of this post.

Alternatively, press button under "Mute" and that silences the ringing tone, and also the corner of the screen changes to "Reject". Then, either press the LH button to answer the call, or press the RH button to reject the call that just disconnects the call.

There does not appear to be any way to make loudspeaker the default when using outside button to answer imo probably a good thing. However, I've now realised that after one presses the LH outside button to answer a call, the word above the button changes to "H-Free".

If one presses the button, imo very hard, it turns on the loudspeaker, and the text changes to "H-Held", and so pressing it again turns off the loudspeaker. The RH side continues to say "Reject" which actually means hang up imo it still saying reject could be a bit confusing for some people.

And on top of that, you'll also see day to day variations as well. Unfortunately this sort of signal strength reception variation is all part of the territory. Since the Konka works on both 2G and 3G, just in case anyone wonders whether there'll be any "settings" problem, for e.

The network signal strength bar on my phone has "3G" displayed next to it, so I got curious about how the phone apparently knows to use 3G not 2G. Default setting is automatic, and that evidently results in 3G use.

Shows 4 out of 4 bars on Optus 2G, compared to 3 out 4 bars on Optus 3G. Seems people like me are not only being forced to buy a new phone to use 3G , but also accept poorer service! When I press the back button and the screen lights up there are 2 bars but as soon as I open the phone it always changes to 1 bar.

Good size for handling, quite light. Transferred all my wifes contacts to the SIM card and they came over fine. Battery was fully charged already. Call quality very good for us, indoors and outside, quite loud and clear.

Answering calls using the external button works well or it answerers on opening of the clamshell, also good. I'm looking for a simple to operate phone for my elderly mother, but as she's just reached a point where she can't drive anymore, and would like to get her using Uber.

Do these phones Konka, Aspera allow applications like Uber to be installed? Ideally I'd like to set up a shortcut on the homescreen for 'take me home ': Hmmm, that makes me wonder if there's more than one software version on these phones.

Do you remember the date the phone displayed before you presumably changed it to today's. I agree that pressing Msg Button to send a text is a bit fiddly but not really any more so than on my push button Nokia 2G phone and the sequence you've outlined seems to be different from my Konka.

On my Konka it's this i. I personally don't like the Msg Button sequence on my phone, because I prefer to select recipient first — probably just coz that's what I'm used to on old Nokia phone, and that appears to be what Blackpaw's Konka does.

That enables me to select a name first , after which I can type the text of a message to that person. That is, leave one msg from each of the ppl one might want to send to in the "Inbox" permanently well, if that's not a huge no.

I've no idea how smart phones deal with this matter,. My folks in their 80's have an old Nokia thru Optus that will become obsolete in April. Can they keep their old number? Saw some unlocked ones Samsung, Alcatel, Aspera f24, but I think they would like to see the real thing first, which seems a bit of an issue.

Any thoughts, suggestions please. Your number is the SIM, so whatever you put it in gets that number. This whole thread has pretty much answered your questions, so I suggest you have a read of it all, perhaps from page 2. The finalists at present are the Aspera F24 and the very similar Konka U3.

People still mention Big W etc, but they are also on ebay. As I tell my oldies, on the F24 with an Aldi sim the one time that they really need it, the phone pays for itself many times over. For getting, and keeping them familiar with the phone, make them ring you with it every 2nd day etc.

Thanks, yes I have read this topic. Sorry for being repetitious. That way I could tell I did ask for them. Looked at the Konka U3 this morning in Big W, but never heard of the name before. You dont really need an Eldery phone Most Samsungs, 5inch so they can see, have a easy home screen option!

Skint, believe it or not, some of us and we are not all "elderly" or "olds" only want a mobile telephone for making and receiving telephone calls; one that doesn't involve squinting at a dark screen in sunlight, and we want to use a keypad because it doesn't involve trying to put our fingertips on said screen in order to key in a sequence of numbers or at a pinch, letters!

Yest it's a rant, but I'm getting tired of the put-downs for knowing what my friends and I want and don't want — and no, we are not all techno-illiterate nor Luddites!!!!! Not everyone wants, or needs, a smartphone.

Not even a smartphone being run in in its most basic mode. Most people looking for a phone for the elderly, do not want a phone which uses data. Most of the elderly users of phones want maximum call credit duration, they don't want the credit chewed up by data.

And then in addition to data is system and app updates. And the ultra basic dialer IS an app. Athough a little off topic, this may be due to your moving of the phone a little during this process and moving into a lesser strength nodal point.

In our house in smallish country town, my phones access 3 towers which are all fairly distant. We must be exactly equidistant signal wise because call quality is actually a bit sus, even though we have medium-good strength.

I have always put it down to the system chopping and changing us around the towers ad nauseum which causes breakup. I know this shouldn't be apparent to the user, but in our case it is. You could actually see the tower names changing incessantly on the phone during use, and you'd get the digital breakup type sound pattern.

In lower strength locations there might be a spot where you get a much better signal And yes to all the recent comments about some people not wanting or needing a smart phone. The only time I use data on mine is for communicating to remote installations.

The rest of the time it is just a phone! Even when I just push the back button and the phone stays on its stand and I don't move it, it still goes straight to 1 bar. I think we have some more towers going up in the area so hopefully that will help.

I haven't really tried it around the house so it might get a better signal in another part of the house. HI, Can anyone let me know if the font size on the Konka U3 is Large enough or if your able to change the font size?

My dad has pretty shaky hands some decent sized buttons and simple steps are important to him and this phone seem to support it. Its huge, largest I have ever seen. Not sure if its adjustable but I might look into that to shrink it a little: SO loves her Konka, decent size makes it easy to handle and find in a bag of holding her purse.

Being able to answer the phone without opening it great. Also you can cancel alarms by using the external buttons as well. Got the phone and was pretty easy to set and do a few walk throughs on.

As mentioned the sound is crystal clear and picking up calls simple. Using the phone book and retailing takes longer to learn and will be expecting to a few more run throughs. I was thinking about one of these for my elderly father https: I gave her my old iphone and she much prefers it.

It still gets about 3 days between charges since she doesn't use it much and doesn't have any apps open. We found phones with power buttons on the side tended to get turned off mid call. Touch screens are way too confusing.

Can recommend this flip phone for those that have had very little exposure to mobile phones. Only issue so far is they can't hear you if they put the phone to their head upside down: Hopefully the following info will be helpful to some My Konka U3 has taken 7 days and 18 hours since last recharge until it shut itself down with msg "Low Battery shutdown" in an area where Optus coverage map says reception is "good"[1].

Obviously letting the battery run down so low is a bad idea. However, I really wanted to know about battery life, in a phone I have primarily for emergency use [2], and it's been practical to test stand-by battery life while I still have another working mobile phone until Optus 2G shutdown.

Then, when all bars ceased to be lit, I turned on the FM radio to play via loudspeaker to see how long that would run for more info below. If anyone knows whether or not the amount of FM radio play time via loudspeaker provides any indication of possible talk time left, please post info.

My searches for info have been inconclusive, but I think maybe loudspeaker use is possibly more relevant to battery drain than 3G or FM radio reception. The Konka U3 has a battery level icon indicator containing 3 bars.

Imo, whether it's "accurate" or "inaccurate" depends on what one what expects such an icon to do. It does not seem to do what I'd expect compared to the battery level indicators on my prior 3 small push-button Nokias.

But now I know what the Konka apparently does, I consider it adequate given imo various other desirable aspects far outweigh any issue with battery indicator. In summary, the 2nd bar seems to stay lit for less time than 3rd and 1st bars I also noticed that after a previous recharge.

After plugging into recharge, the outside screen showed a large battery animated icon indicating recharge in progress. About 3 hours later when I remembered to look at it, it showed a static battery icon, fully green, i.

My search findings tend to indicate battery level will drain more quickly in areas where 3G coverage is not ideal and so the phone searches for a connection more often, or something. No i understand , just throwing it out there regarding the easy mode on some smart phones, as it makes the Icons quite large.

Check out the Doro, used to be very popular the flip one, and has gone down a lot in price, Optus used to have them. Why pay those prices for locked phones when you can get very similar Aspera or Kobo for the same price and they are unlocked?

Not to difficult to put together a UI, they're all pretty extensible in that regard. The trouble is the hardware itself, half the attraction of the Konka etc is the physical buttons, touch screens can be a PITA.

I did many repeated requests to them about this which were never answered. So a big thumbs down on public interaction, or response to market need. I didn't see these mentioned, but dx. Also option for SOS button programmed.

Also as a bit of a out of the box alternative — I used a 10" tablet as a phone for over a year. In speakerphone mode or with a bluetooth earpiece. The "buttons" and display were huge! But it isn't for everyone of course.

I still use my But for use by the elderly, while the phone UI might have large buttons, the device itself uses small icons, and is overlarge and heavy, the charging port is small and fiddly which is not good for vision impaired or arthritis affected, AND you need to keep apps and stuff up to date on it, that combination of problems makes such a tablet impossible to recommend.

It's the basic device simplicity of a 3G dumbphone or featurephone that makes them the obvious go to. Australia Post are selling the Optus Alcatel The phone is only a bit larger than a credit card.

A full size SIM card is the same size as a credit card. I have just bought this phone for my elderly Dad — I am very impressed. It even has services such as internet browsing, "Multimedia": FM radio, sound recorder good for the doctor appt video player and recorder, camera and photo editor and the "Organiser" includes Calendar, Calculator, Task list, Alarm and notes.

Big colour screen, large test, big buttons with sound, Stand alone buttons for text, camera and music playing. Getting it from Big-W gives you a good warranty as well. Hopefully he will get along ok with it.

Now, it's merely regarded as a flip phone oldies dumb phone. I want my phone to automatically connect to my cars hands free via bluetooth which my current phone does. It needs to connect automatic without pressing confirmation button.

With my current phone when I first connected pared to the car with bluetooth it asked 'automatic connect to this device' and I selected yes. Now when I get in my car it connects without me having to do anything.

I know this is not true with all phone software as I got a phone a while back and every time I got in the car I had to take phone out of pocket and hit connect, had to get a refund as it was no good. Any help on bluetooth auto connect would be appreciated.

Also needed to know. My old phone will beep to let you know there is missed event. I want my phone to automatically connect to my cars hands free via bluetooth. The Konka U3 battery can be removed by the user, but I don't know whether replacement batteries are available in AU or anywhere.

Your question reminded me that I've been meaning to try to find out, because I'd like to have a spare battery in case of power blackouts due to e. So, this morning I contacted a specialist battery supplier in Brisbane.

They don't know of it, but asked me to send them a photo of battery so they can investigate and get back to me. I'll post again, if and when I hear anything worth posting re battery availability. I gave my 78 yo mum a Lumia XL that had a cracked camera lens.

I set up all the main functions on the home screen — email, messages, facebook, browser, calendar and contacts. The top 3 tiles are full width — phone, contacts, calendar. Took a little while, however she's now used to the 2 stage phone answering swipe up then press the green handset icon.

Set it up to BT with her Mazda 3, even offered to install Spotify for music — a bridge too far! RG09 Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm sure you can get a replacement on e-bay the battery is probably a copy of one of the old phones — nokia, motorola etc.

I have changed my mind about this phone now simply because of the weight g which is twice as heavy as my old phones. I'm sure it would be fine for an older person who doesn't need to carry it everywhere. I'm not elderly just won't use smartphones.

I have found some alternative non-smart phones on e-bay. FWIW, the Konka phone itself with battery actually weighs g. The g stated on various web sites apparently includes the AC power plug and the associated detachable USB cord, i.

I have changed my mind about this phone now simply because of the weight g. I'm chasing a replacement phone for my elderly father in law who has a Huawei G on Telstra prepaid, but since it's 2G only, it's no longer working.

Obviously, it also needs to be 3G compatible. He won't change carriers since there is only Telstra coverage at his house. So far I've I've found the Konka U3, as mentioned above, and the Aspera F24, which appear to be the same phone just rebranded.

I'd also prefer to buy from a bricks and mortar store in case of warranty issues etc. Also, he won't use a smart phone, so that's not an option. Has anyone seen any other options with an SOS button? Ok, just had a play with it — took me a bit to find the config option for it, its off by default.

But you can configure a list of phone numbers and a message. Once activated, theres a silver button on the back of the phone. If you hold it down for approx seconds it sends a "Need help! Many thanks for this recent discussion, everyone.

Don't use the 3rd sim all that much but it has credit that we don't want to waste. Hence thinking a third phone to be used as needed to make calls actually our cheapest option for making calls ; it's not a number where we receive calls.

Question about the SOS button, please: I usually carry my phone in my shirt pocket and would not want it to be accidentally activated when grabbing hold of the phone to get it out, etc. RG09 Thanks for letting me know, that puts it back on the list.

It's just a pity these horrible phone companies are putting so many people through such trouble and forcing them to use a service that is not as good and wastes more of the phones battery. Land line is looking better and better.

Try having a look at Southern Phone. They have some good cheap phones suitable for older people. Bought one for my mum. Many thanks for the referral. Unable to buy outright and unlocked so they can be used on a pay as you go basis.

It seems you can: My grandparents have a TTFone that charges through an easy to use dock, but that is 2g and about to stop working. I like the look of that, but the micro USB charge cable will be impossible to use for someone with arthritis.

Depends on the user. We had to disable the SOS button as it kept on being triggered accidentally whilst in a pocket. Many thanks for that. I accessed the info from https: I could not find anywhere about buying anything outright.

Finding the Shop link is not easy. I thought that might be the case. I'm trying to find one I can look at but not having much luck at the moment. They both counter staff member and the supervisor with whom he checked said they preferred to lose the sale rather than open the box.

You can use the "Anchor" link for posts: That Onix one looks much simpler. We got the Aspera 24 but they all seem very similar, basically Motorola Razors with big buttons and large text. I've largely given up trying to get my father to use anything other than the phone book function he does not grasp the connection between the white buttons and the dynamic menu options , but at least he'll use this phone.

His only other mobile was some piece of garbage with Android 2. Have to charge it every 2 days, what experience do others have with this phone in regards to battery life? See page 2 of the thread, discussed in detail over the next few pages.

Both of the one's I have in use still easily get over a week. Ensure unnecessary things are off. This thread's been a godsend, thanks to all who've participated. I'd like to throw a couple of quick questions out to anyone who can answer, about the Konka U3 or the Alcatel If so, can you switch off the connection to the internet?

The one good innovation of the smartphone era Apologies if any of these questions have already been answered upthread. I don't think they have, though. And I'd like to second those remarks that phone manufacturers need to get on with an improved "dumb" phone for those of us who want a decent modern phone but hate touchscreens and "apps" and so on.

Attach USB cord, and then in e. Windows File Manager one can see the following directories:. Then go to the File Manager on the phone, select that item and choose option "Use as Contact".

Just purchased a Konka U3 for my 84yr mother. Her previous phone was a Zte T20 and the battery lasted only about a month. I tried the phone myself and it was doing the same thing so it wasn't her after all.

How did you locate the web browser? It took me ages just to locate how to alter the ring tone. Doing the same search for my 80yo mum, Konka looks good. I also came across the Olitech Easymate, has anyone on here got one or know if they are any good?

I can't specifically answer on that model, but if you are considering that, why not consider the Telstra Easycall 4 as well? They look very similar — same button size, layout, screen size etc and the Telstra phone would likely be cheaper.

I got one for my Mum 78 years old and she has no problem with it. It was so good I got one for myself as even at my age, I prefer to have a simpler phone, bigger buttons and an easy to read display.

The latest Easycall 4 also has GPS, though it takes a few minutes to get a "fix" on your location. Still better than no GPS at all. And the battery lasts for more than a week in standby mode. How is the konka with sms messaging?

Father in law had a Doro and he messages a fair bit but has shaky hands so small keyboards didn't work too well. The predictive text was virtually non existent on the Doro. I only have 1 'bar' of reception, while my previous Samsung GT-C was able to get 3 'bars'.

That could be phone-related rather than signal-related. Different phones have different algorithms for measuring and interpreting signals from mobile phone towers. The phones may also be accessing different frequency bands for some reason, and that may result in them showing different numbers of "bars" of reception.

You're also comparing 2G with 3G. It's rarely the same signal strength. On my Nokia e66, it reports the same cell name yet 2G gets more bars on Optus. Just an aside to this. Aldi uses Telstra, and I use Aldi sims all over the place, but not all Telstra phones will play with them.

I think it is to some extent dependent on how "hard" the phone is locked down. I found out the hard way and in dispute with Aussie eBay seller who sells as "unlocked" in heading but lower down in advert says "doesn't work on Telstra".

Telstra dont want to sell Doro, the leading brand in the category. They prefer to make and sell their own brand as its more profitable for them I expect. We have plenty of Telstra customers that want the Doro mobile phone but we dont control what Telstra purchase.

Doro PhoneEasy is sold via Optus channels in Australia. This means that there is considerable cost for us to produce a product to work on that frequency with little return, unless the network operator is the customer.

Does anyone know if it is possible to download apps onto the Alcatel In particular Facebook Messenger. I am looking for a phone for my mother. She is 91 years old and has only ever used a nokia As optus will no longer supporting the 2G network she will have to get another phone.

She mainly uses it to send messages. The easier it is to operate the better. Does anybody have any suggestions? I bought an Alcatel My father is 91yrs old needed to replace his phone over shutting down the 2g network which he was using Optus.

He went back to Optus and they sold him a prepaid Alcatel model? He was put on a plan he only pays for calls he make. They turned the Data off as he would not be using that much. Get him a smart Ph. Anytime he has problem.

Just a Push of button and it gives HIM a choice. Which I never use. Missus has same ph. She pays for all calls at 15c PM All over the world, Almost. Forgot to add this phone has an SOS button on back where up to 5 programmed numbers can be dialed.

Never tried it — but presume loud speaker is turned and first one to answer gets the call. Unfortunately Bing Lee wouldn't price match the konka u3 at big w, which is basically the same phone.

I bought the Aspera f24 for my sister. Seems ok if basic , but really that's why we got it , basic with largish buttons with some separation between the buttons. I've been playing with the phone to familiarise myself with it so I can give my sister an idea how to use it.

The user manual included is in such tiny tiny print that's its unreadable. I looked the manual up on the web so at least I can play around with the phone. I used all the functions , pushed all the buttons.

Now I have a problem , I turned on the FM radio I done want it running in the background and she will never use it! The is a green musical note on the top of the screen so I assume that indicates the radio is on in the background?

Also can anybody tell if the ring tone can be changed and how the ring tone volume can be adjusted please? It sure is loud! If nobody can help me I may have to read the instructions No really , I have read the users manual , but I can see anywhere it answers any of those questions Hi Igc, I don't have an F24 near me to check, but I think the radio master is the centre button of the rocker.

Your other volume issues are addressed via modifying the user profiles. Succeed in lowering the volume of the ring but not changing the ring tone. And I for my mum. Se won't use it, just like the Doro that was Telstra compatible till Telstra would not support the frequency — along with two other Telcos in the world.

Doro say they cant put the freq in there phones unless Telstra and other two order them. No Doro mobile will now work with Telstra. So I transferred it over to her name at Telstra — with her present. Today she paid her bill at post office in cash as is her way but still won't turn the mobile on.

Mum and Dad are in a life crisis but I can't get it into her head it is a life saving device if Dad has another turn. She is fixated that her landline will cure all — yet there is only one original rotary dial device.

She refuses me putting in an elderly friendly land line solution with 2 wireless extensions to her room and the kitchen. She refuses a pendant to dial in emergency. I have 4 numbers she can get me on — one a dedicated emergency number for her running I can't get it into her head that the Asperia has an SOS button where if in trouble the programmed numbers of her family will be dialled.

Aggggh — mothers with a determined good hearted mind — oblivious of the help Australia sevices can give her. My main concern is that she might get confused in an emergency and not be able to reach someone.

She's used to using the old candybar Nokia where you just press the speed dial digit followed by the call button. Are there any more simple phones out there with speed dial configured this way?

They answer calls and dial a few preset numbers. They are designed with big buttons and ease of use in mind. My phone's a One plus 2, running Lineage OS 7. If your ageing relatives can still speak, find their phones and remember to keep them charged, Google Assistant offers good responses to quite intuitive commands and texting or phoning don't require large buttons etc.

I installed "Scotland the Brave" on the bagpipes as my phone ring and it's loud enough to scare the pants off anyone within sight of a lady's handbag. Great phone for seniors, got one for my father in law and mother in law.

They both are in their 80's and love these phones, getting one for my mum now. Finally convinced her to ditch the home phone as she doesn't make many calls, the SOS button is a bonus. I used to worry about looking silly, talking to a little thing in my hand, but it no longer bothers me.

My grandmother isn't liking her Alcatel Onetouch Not to sure which one to choose from between the Aspera F24 and the Konka U3. A question, if she misses a call will there be a notification on the screen while the phone is closed?

If so does it say who called or simply just a missed call symbol? Directing this to both the Aspera and Konka so if any of you know please let me know. Looks just like a rebadged , and the problem with that one was many inadvertent button pushes when in a pocket etc.

From memory, I think it used a mechanical slide switch for locking, that was hard to use correctly. On the F24 the outside screen is only backlit for about 5 seconds after any main operation, and I don't think the timeout is adjustable.

But a quick push of the sos button brings it up and all relevant info is shown, with more detail available on the main screen. The snag is that the human has to do this, there is no other method of showing that something has been missed.

A blinking led would be nice. Thinking of the company giving me a test one before I purchase to make sure it is good for my old man. I'm thinking of buying a Konka U3, but before I get one, I'd like to find out about a couple of things.

The welcome and exit screens which I suppose it has, as my past phones had them too — and the U7 has them If it has them: Are they visual and audio? If audio, can that be disabled so that turning the phone on or off can be done silently?

Are changes to both the welcome screen and the exit screen a once-only setting ie, retained on exit? I'm asking about the screens because I recently bought a Konka U7 from BigW that had an annoyingly loud message on both the welcome screen and the exit screen.

Nobody at the umpteen BigW stores that I rang knew of a fix for that the staff have scant product knowledge, only selling boxes with something in them! I didn't think of posting for a solution here, but anyway, I've since learnt that the U7 was missing a couple of other important to me features that I'd overlooked enquiring about before I bought.

I've read on other posts here that the font size on the U3 is quite large, which I'm hoping also applies to composing outgoing text messages. Could someone please confirm that, as BigW don't know and I can't find anyone else who does.

My current phone now dead cozza no sound has 4 size options for incoming text like Arial Narrow's 4. The 16pt Arial Narrow is an uncomfortably large size for my phone's 2-inch screen ideal for me would be like Arial Narrow's 13pt.

I was told today by someone from a Konka service centre that the Konka U3 has loud welcome and exit screens like the U7 has, and that there is no option, at least with the current models of these two phones, to disable the intrusive audio in those screens.

I need a phone that I can startup and exit silently when required, easily. A customer service team member from a Konka mobile retailer just replied to my audio question via their chat, "Unfortunately you cannot change the settings on this one.

Apparently the Telstra EasyCall 4 has removed the medication reminder feature and the alarm clock doesn't allow you to program repeats. Does anyone know of a phone with the typical 'easy-to-use' and large buttons with a medication reminder or a smarter alarm clock?

Just a heads up to anyone hurriedly trying to decide on a seniors phone before the anticipated shutdown of Vodafone 2G on Sept We've been holding off getting a replacement for an Alcatel Wish there were more reviews of the Easy-Mate out there, but their pricing and distribution model seems to be severely limiting their market share.

I tried one out months ago, It was unlocked — but full of Telstra apps you can't use it with another carrier properly. I couldn't install apps from Google play store. This is a great mobile — made specifically for Telstra.

My Mum loves her new one. She's reported how wonderful it is — that on the closing clamshell mobile — it tells her the time. I tried one out months ago, It was unlocked — but full of Telstra apps.

You must be thinking of a different phone, mate. The Cruise is a dumb phone. Must have been the Telstra Tempo — my parents hated it although it was the cheapest Android that time. Archive View Return to standard view.

This might be agood place to start: Oh, for a simple phone No GPS on the Easycall. And the phone is simple to use with great buttons. Ive been burned many times on eBay, so I am wary. It doesnt look 3G though I am looking at his phone too so your thoughts please.

Thank you in advance! It doesnt look 3G though What Samsung? TY for the reply Jenifur. I did google pics of it. Hey AngelaAUS, did you end up getting a phone for your mum? What did you get? Thanks for the response.

Re, multiband, I am assuming you mean unlocked? How much did you pay for it? Aspersions told me they hope to have info about the F24 on their site in the near feature. Have seen it at my local Aus Post shop-looks very nice. Still don't want video, just messaging and phone.

Is the Aspera unlocked? Will it take a Virgin sim card does anyone know pls? Remove all tiles from home screen except phone and message. Ultra simple and BIG tiles. That's the whole point of this thread. How do i adjust the volume on the F24?

The loudness is driving my father crazy. I read too fast again: You have hit one of it's good points How can I disable internet completely? The S7 edge has been on sale most of its existence and its a high selling device. Most long-time users seem to be leery of switching from it,even though in most instances it would be an upgrade JMHO.

LG will do anything to get out of performing warranty repairs on their flawed devices. Just did a check to see where LG G6 is at with complaints: It looks like the LG G6 comes with a 2 year warranty….

Good luck getting a 21 day turn around for any warranty work! Forget the monthly payment, just adds to the monthly bill for 2 years, stupid. Saves the hassle and much more rewarding. G6 has been a huge flagship disappointment…high price n meh specs.

V20 feels like a much larger phone. Not everyone is into that. Sounds pretty good, though sounds to cheap for flagship phones. I did read something about that a day or so ago. Probably wont happen till the 3rd quarter.

JOD u can upgrade three times within a 12 months. A,from about 1 half ago,plus pick up Note 3 or Note 4 tab. Bummer,but not going to do it anyway,not even sure if this deal still going on.

I figure it will come out along with MHz support. The device feels really great in your hand and the screen is beautiful despite being LCD. Yes it does fit well in the hand. My G4 had its bootloop fixed a few months ago 7 day turn around — but phone started acting weird several weeks ago.

Actually was thinking of V G6 is a small step below the S8. We were going to buy a Google Home. Tablet is of no value. I was hoping my G4 would last til the V30 comes out in the fall. I should have bot it.

I thought I could live w. Now the V20 is virtually same price as G6. Currently have a G4 that bootlooped back in December

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Huawei Mate 10 With a glass design, big screen and supercharged processor, the Mate 10 has a lot going for it, but differences between the models are downright weird. Apple iPhone 8 The sensible, speedy iPhone 8 makes a nice upgrade to the iPhone 6S and earlier siblings, but we won't know until November how it compares to the much pricier iPhone X.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus The iPhone 8 Plus is a superlative phone with a spectacular camera, but wait for the upcoming iPhone X before buying: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Galaxy Note 8 retakes the throne as the ultimate Android phone for now, but some intense competition is just over the horizon.

Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom Those looking to try out optical zoom on smartphones can look towards the ZenFone 3 Zoom, but bear in mind the user experience isn't the best. Motorola Moto X4 Moto makes another bid to be your Goldilocks phone.

Sony Xperia XZ1 Both phones let you 3D scan your friend's face to set as your wallpaper or print into figurines. Prices vary by location. Credit approval, fees, monthly and other charges, usage, eligibility and other restrictions per line may apply.

Pricing and terms are subject to change and may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. Coverage and service are not available everywhere. You get an off-net roaming usage allowance for each service. If you exceed the allowance, your services may be restricted or terminated.

Other restrictions apply and may result in service termination. Wireless Home Phone device is not a cellphone, it's a base unit to which standard landline phone equipment is connected. Not available in all areas. Each Video Call uses both voice and data unless on Wi-Fi.

The voice portion counts towards voice minutes and video portion counts as data usage under your existing wireless rate plan. Device selection is limited at this time. Once started or received on the mobile network, Video Calls automatically switch to Wi-Fi if your device accesses an available Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Voice and data charges do not apply to Video Call over Wi-Fi. Incompatible Services and Features: Postpaid orders will be processed and shipped subject to credit approval, inventory availability, and validation of a proper shipping address and other information.

Orders received after 4 p. CT will be processed the next business day. Inventory, credit, or other issues may delay shipment. No holiday, Saturday, or Sunday delivery. Shipping policy is subject to change. This hours period is not included in the delivery time and should be taken into account in your order placement timing.

Delivery signatures may be required. Priority Shipments to Puerto Rico and the U. Virgin Islands may take more than 2 business days. Actual delivery date may also be affected by government processing. Samsung Gear S2 Classic Bundle: Down payment may be required.

Tax due at sale. Requires Samsung account, pairing with compatible smartphone sold separately with 1. For compatible smartphones, please visit: Early Termination Fee att. Items must be purchased together.

Radio Communication Equipment Dummy Mobile Phones Smart Watch Accessories 4. Brand see all Brand. Model see all Model. Network see all Network. Colour see all Colour. Operating System see all Operating System.

Windows Phone 8 Storage Capacity see all Storage Capacity. Bundle Listing see all Bundle Listing. Camera Resolution see all Camera Resolution. Connectivity see all Connectivity.

And I love those dual cameras. I am only working on the net! Is it not selling very well in the shadow of the S8? I knew it would go down in price.. Wife needs a new phone, so will be heading out to get the LG G6 this weekend then.

The price mark down reflects this opinion. LG earned this reputation. No marketing will get them out of the bad reputation. Turn around on my G4 bootloop repair was 7 days. I knew the price was gone drop.

Just sell the speaker. When do you think the new payment plans will be out? I think the new plan will be for T-mobile branded phone HTC maker. Or just do a JoD upgrade and then opt out of JoD within the return window?

One or the other. So no, you lose money. So new G6, here I come.. LG G6 is the most underrated Smartphone. Always love the camera on the LG. HTC U11 Life is a more affordable option. Find the Cell Phone or Plan that suits you Finding the right cell phone or plan has never been easier!

Cell Phone Plans Cell Phones. Data Select the amount of total data you need for the entire plan. Browse the latest phones below Popular Smartphones Latest Deals. Apple iPhone 8 Plus. Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Google Pixel 2 XL. Discount on first delivery.

Device payment purchase req'd. Android One Moto X4. Cell Phone Comparisons There are lots of cell phone models on the market today, and thousands of variations to consider when you are picking the right device.

With our cell phone comparison tool, you can compare cell phones by the following factors: Compare Smartphones by Feature, Price, and More. The most popular current smart phone operating systems are: These include 4G networks: The latest in cell phone data technology.

You can connect to the 4G network to browse the Internet when there is no WiFi service available. Some smartphones can be used as hotspots. This means that you can turn on your phone as a hotspot and connect your computer to the hotspot to browse the Internet.

Wireless carriers will usually charge you an extra per use fee to turn your phone into a hotspot. WiFi networks are public wireless Internet servers. If your mobile phone has WiFi access, it means that you can connect to public WiFi networks to access the Internet.

With our comparison tool, you can look at phones with the following bonus features: Push-to-talk phone Rugged phone World phone A phone with push-to-talk features means that you can use that phone like a walkie talkie.

You can choose phones that are: Phones that flip open to use. Basic phones are usually flip phones. These phones slide open. This means that the keyboard may be underneath a screen that slides away. Compare Cell Phone Plans.

Here is a brief list of factors to consider when you pick a cell phone plan: How many users will be on your plan? How many minutes will you use each month? How many text messages do you send in a month?

How much data will you need? Do you want a prepaid phone plan or do you want a contract phone plan? Do you want a plan that includes a free cell phone or a discounted cell phone? Does the cell phone deal save you money? However, sometimes free cell phones or discount cell phones are offered when signing a 2-year contract.

With a glass design, big screen and supercharged processor, the Mate 10 has a lot going for it, but differences between the models are downright weird. The sensible, speedy iPhone 8 makes a nice upgrade to the iPhone 6S and earlier siblings, but we won't know until November how it compares to the much pricier iPhone X.

The iPhone 8 Plus is a superlative phone with a spectacular camera, but wait for the upcoming iPhone X before buying: The Galaxy Note 8 retakes the throne as the ultimate Android phone for now, but some intense competition is just over the horizon.

Did you forget about the Android One initiative? Xiaomi's inexpensive new phone, with its rear cameras and surprisingly powerful CPU, is here to remind you. Those looking to try out optical zoom on smartphones can look towards the ZenFone 3 Zoom, but bear in mind the user experience isn't the best.

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That's what I was thinking of when I first saw the outside buttons, but also since then I realised both the Apera and Konka have ability to blacklist a number — practical for me but presumably not for some oldies some of whom also wouldn't recognise an annoying number to press the reject button either. I think if you delete the relevant details in the service provider area you will stop internet. I usually carry my phone in my shirt pocket and would not want it to be accidentally activated when grabbing hold of the phone to get it out, etc. If you need to cover service for other people in your family, or you want to combine service with a spouse or partner, then a family plan can be a good way to save money on service. Model see all Model.

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