How to make an appointment at the apple store

Make a Genius Bar reservation or get help now with Apple Support. Answer a few questions and we’ll connect you with the right expert, right away. reviews of Apple Store "The front staff members and the technicians are very friendly and helpful. My iphone 6 has some battery problem and I brought it to the. Save time, save $$$ with Apple Store promo codes, free shipping, sales, and more. Get the best deals and discounts with Slickdeals.

Apple Genius Bar Appointment Booking System and Service Review

DetailsOpens a popup Rating details. The people who work there are extremely rude. It its Need Vs Want issue, arguably in this day and age people and companies forget about this. That is what we are talking about, nothing more. I guess I have and always will be voting with my feet. Because the store employees are regular humans and make mistakes, not because there is some evil Apple conspiracy out there. But in order to do so you will need to book an appointment with Apple in advance.
Make a Genius Bar reservation or get help now with Apple Support. Answer a few questions and we’ll connect you with the right expert, right away. reviews of Apple Store "The front staff members and the technicians are very friendly and helpful. My iphone 6 has some battery problem and I brought it to the. Save time, save $$$ with Apple Store promo codes, free shipping, sales, and more. Get the best deals and discounts with Slickdeals.

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How to Schedule a Genius Bar Appointment Via Apple's Webpage. I guess you can make a Genius Bar appointment if you really want to MacMall and The Apple Store.
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Make a Genius Bar reservation or get help now with Apple Support. Make a Genius Bar reservation at your favourite Apple Store and get help from an Apple expert.
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It is possible to schedule appointments with the Apple Store Genius Bar online at, by utilizing the Apple Store app on a smartphone, or by phone.
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To book an Apple store appointment follow the below points which will help you find the solution for you query. First you can visit the online website Apple Store.
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In our IT department we have two iPhones 5 with cracked screens and we need to get them fixed. I've gone to the Apple Store personally for my iPod Touch 4G, and I was.
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If you have a problem with an Apple product you can book an appointment with an Apple Genius and take your product in to a store for them to attempt to fix. Here we.
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Make a Genius Bar reservation or get help now with Apple Support. Make a Genius Bar reservation at your favorite Apple Store and get help from an Apple expert.
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reviews of Apple Store "The front staff members and the technicians are very friendly and helpful. My iphone 6 has some battery problem and I brought it to the.

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Is Apple supposed to just take your word that you are charging a decent price? Its huge like 1. Click the x next to this line. Under Website use of location services , click Prompt for each website once each day or Prompt for each website one time only. If it does, follow its instructions to enable Location Services for Safari.

Click for more details. Discount applied automatically in cart. Free next-day shipping is available on any in-stock iPhone. You can see in your bag if your item qualifies. See checkout for delivery dates.

Recent Apple Store Blog Posts. Get an Apple Store gift card when you trade in your old device. Includes a 1-year warranty. New card members get special financing on any purchase made at Apple within 30 days of account opening.

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You will get a notification on your screen when someone is ready to help you. If something needs to be replaced, they typically only accept credit cards, though some may be able to make an exception and take cash or a check.

Cancelling or Rescheduling an Appointment. If you scheduled your appointment via the Apple Retail website, you will need to go through the motion of setting up another appointment at http: Be sure to select the same store that you scheduled the appointment at.

Once you get to the below screen, click "Next. Upon signing in, you will see a reservation confirmation screen. On the bottom right of that page, you will see a button that says "View all reservations," as pictured below.

You will get a confirmation window about the reschedule or cancellation. If you scheduled your appointment using the Apple Store app on an iOS device, rescheduling or cancelling is easier. To begin, launch the app and go to the "Store" tab at the bottom.

If you have an upcoming appointment, there will be an option that says "My Reservations. Next, select the appointment you wish to cancel. If the appointment is at a different store, go back, and choose "Find a Store" in the upper left from the main menu in the Store tab.

On the next screen, you will see information about your appointment, as well as the options to reschedule or cancel. Most Apple Stores will let you request a specific Genius. If you feel that the issue was not solved the way it should have been, book a new appointment and talk to someone different.

If you get the same answer after visits, it is unlikely to change. Take a picture or video or something similar which you can show to the Genius in case they are not able to reproduce the issue. Perhaps you could tell them the steps they can take to reproduce the issue.

Free Out of Warranty Replacements. Stories can be found on the Internet about people receiving free replacements after their warranty has expired, or if the warranty is void due to accidental damage or some other reason.

If you have a device that is just a few days out of warranty, it is feasible to get a free replacement, but again, not in their policy. Please let us know about your Genius Bar experience in the comments below. Tips and Tricks Video.

Watch the Latest Keynote June 30th, Meeting. Please do not reproduce any original works without permission or proper citation. Any copyright or legal questions, email here. After the appointment is made, you should be returned to the screen for the store you selected.

You should see a "My Reservations" menu with a "1" next to it. This lets you manage upcoming Genius Bar appointments, including the options to cancel or reschedule the appointment these options disappear 30 minutes before the appointment.

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What Should I Bring? You do not need to bring a receipt. All you need to do is bring the device itself. The Genius who assists you will find the serial number, and use this to check your purchase date and warranty status.

The only other thing you may need to bring is your wallet. If you are picking up a Mac or other device after being repaired, they may ask for photo ID. If you have a hardware issue, you may also need to prepare to pay for repairs if your warranty has expired or you have an issue not covered by the warranty.

Also, it is very important to make a backup of the data on your device before taking it in. Sometimes, accidents happen and data is lost. Another possibility is that you will receive a replacement device, in which case you would want your data transferred.

This article explains backing up and restoring from a backup: Backing Up and Restoring Data. Once you receive your replacement device, if you have an iCloud backup, you are welcome to stay in the store while it restores, in case you need any assistance.

You can also take it home, which you would need to do anyway if your backup is in iTunes. What Should I Expect? That depends on the issue. If you just have some questions, the Genius will be happy to answer them.

If you are having some software trouble, for example, syncing with iCloud, they will probably check your settings and try some basic troubleshooting steps, and then more extensive steps if necessary.

If you are experiencing lag or crashing on an iOS device, they may run some diagnostics you can do your own diagnostics: They may also check to see what apps are open, which is done by double tapping the home button note that there is a difference between "open" apps and "running" apps.

Then, of course, there are the obvious hardware issues. Maybe your device has a white screen, the home button is stuck, battery life is way less than it should be, you receive an Error 1 or -1 in iTunes, whatever the case may be.

The Genius will probably look up your serial number first thing. This is found on the back of your device if you have an iPod touch, iPad or the original iPhone. Macs have the serial number printed in some place or another, usually on the bottom for recent Mac notebooks.

The Genius will use this to check if your device is in warranty. Note that if their diagnostics program does not find any hardware issues, their system will not allow them to issue you a replacement.

Their diagnostics cover some hardware components like the battery, but other issues like a broken home button would need to be observed. Apple products come with a 1-year warranty, and you have the option to purchase the AppleCare extended warranty, extending your warranty to 2 years, or 3 for Macs.

More on warranty information can be found here: Below are some common prices for an out of warranty replacement for iOS devices. For iOS devices, typically the whole device is replaced at the pricing below , with few exceptions like the battery.

No one will show you Mac or Dell without them paying first. If you think otherwise, than… you would not understand. Perhaps better to cite that most movie makers, as well as journalists, designers, and creative types of many descriptions use macs to make the media you view everyday….

More of those creative types use PCs rather than macs. Of course, the marketing department at Apple would have you believe that Final Cut Pro is the sole reason for the film and tv industries existing.

While not directly a virus but more of a security problem in general, have you even -looked- at some of the more recent security patches? Some of the flaws they fixed in that one makes Windows 98 look like the IT security bulwark of the century.

As far as seeing a product in a movie or TV show… That is called product placement my friend. They are stratigic placement by marketers that know it will appeal to you. Once you have achieved these qualities, you can enjoy food cheaply.

I tried to buy an iPhone last year and I guess I asked too many questions about what happens if you terminate your contract early. The guy I was talking to kept going to the back to talk to his supervisor. So I went to a different store the next day and bought one, used it for a month I was just visiting the States for a little over a month and then returned it 29 days later.

I built my own Windows boxes for many years. I was a nuclear weapons tech in the Navy. It just makes you look as silly as you really are. There is nothing special, or magical, about a PC or a Mac.

I was talking primarily about smug, small-minded Mac users and the holier-than-thou and faux-creative culture that Apple cultivates. It means exactly the opposite: If Linux only just worked. It always seems to almost work.

I run Linux on 5 boxes, all doing just what is needed. The rest seems to be partially broken. Lots of times it seems the only guy who knows how to fix an issue is the guy who wrote the code, so I never get certain things fixed.

The package manager on the machine I am typing on is one so no updates of the OS or updates or installs of any apps. At lease MS and Apple of which I have none work as advertised. It requires some expertise to install and run Linux basic users can use apps without difficulty, if they work properly.

Yet Ubuntu makes the dumbed down and useless Unity interface the default. So the tip I can give to you as a long time Linux user is this: Ubuntu is releases on time, that means no matter how ready it is. Does not matter, it will be released on time.

That creates some bad pains of stuff constantly being broken. Your wireless does not work anymore? Well, not really new or unusual. Or, use Debian, the distro that Ubuntu is derived from. It has 3 different stage releases: Debian has another policy: They do aim for a release date, but it only gets released when no critical bugs are open anymore.

That helps a lot. Compared to Debian, a brand new Ubuntu is somewhere between unstable and testing, not enough for serious production use in my opinion. But if you love stuff, you criticise them and help making them better.

And if you work with your laptop, there is no way you can afford a regression bug or failure after an upgrade and then have to wait weeks or months till it is fixed. They were great at code, though.

Wow, I deserve to go to the Genius bar. I am a programmer AND keep my machine running without it annoying me! Well windows creators are so creative that they create new ways of breaking expectations.

My new W7 laptop was able to connect to another W7 machine, but older XP could not. After many swearing I found the reason: First, you attack PC users I can understand attacking the original poster, as he was a tad over the top, but instead you attack all PC users.

Then you brag about how much better you are. So let me nip that in the bud. A good number of people who choose PCs over Macs given the market shares, probably more people than own a Mac do so despite being able to afford a Mac.

I have never had a virus or any form of malware. I am NOT a lemming. When it is time for me to upgrade my computer because it is no longer efficient for my needs, I take the time and look at all my options. I can afford almost any computer I want.

I choose what is best for my needs. Currently it is a Windows box. I have had linux before and I have had Mac before. I cannot believe the pissing and moaning going on here over a brand. That is what we are talking about, nothing more.

It is a brand preference. Do you have these kinds of pissing matches over mayo or mircale whip? Refusing to buy something because of its brand name is following a trend. Impress a woman by fixing her Windows PC? This is an Apple fanboy taliking right here.

After all, who likes to brag about how hype their apple products are? Who likes to go out and show off their newly bought Icraps? If you can program in 24 languages, were a nuclear tech, and have an apple.

The only way you can impress a girl is over the internet jerking off on your retina display Iporn. Go find an Ichick you Idick. Keep patting yourself on the back, how smart and cool you are you inebriate dumb shit.

Who cares about your credentials. Guys like you deserve a Mac. Ps…I am also a happy Apple customer, but your comment smelled like smug jerk and jackassery. That, my friend is completely ridiculous.

I do know how to repair my own computer, and I do know how to build a computer. How about we have a computer where whatever task you want to accomplish can just be accomplished? The plunger exists because the toilet is incapable of flushing everything.

Stop telling us that Macs are too expensive. The Windows based machine? You buy the machine, and then you pay tech support every few months to scan your hard drive for spyware and make it run like it was new again.

And, as a bonus, you get a really nice cheap plastic enclosure and some cheap accesories to plug into your machine should you want them. And if it becomes a big deal, walk into an Apple store and real live human being will fix it for you.

The longer you wait, the bigger fool you will appear to be when it finally happens. You make a very persuasive argument. Did it ever occur to you, for even a second, that maybe I own both? And unlike you, using a computer is not a fashion statement for me.

And yes, a computer is an extremely sophisticated and powerful device. You should spend a significant amount of time understanding how to use it properly. Because even apple is not going to save you from walking into an identity theft trap, or posting that you are going on vacation on Facebook so that thieves know when to break into your house.

Your analogy is about the dumbest ever — comparing an extremely simple, purpose built device with a multi-use, highly complex computer is asinine. Does being a mac user turn you into some sort of religious buff who has seen the light?

The crap Mac fanboys waffle out is just depressing. From reading your post; Apple tech suport is Free? Macs never have problems? Give me a break. A computer is just another tool like a screwdriver.

The same with computers. The average user will spend as little as possible, and in that department, he will probably get a Windows7 PC. The article above really sums it up. If you buy too many Apple products, they cut you off?????

The sheer bloody arrogance of it. Your one quote describes your entire post pretty well. Oh and by the way, my Alienware M11x has better specs than any of your macs, cost about half as much, has never crashed or had a virus, can run all of my video and graphics needs and MORE, and is in general very sleek.

My Windows does everything I need it to do and works whenever I need it to, for however long I need it. Go to another store, they will not have the ban info be the same. IF there is a ban, then corporations would not be able to buy ipads for the staff.

I am betting its based on stock and a stingy floor manager. That said, koolaid people are die hard. I for one can tear down both mac and PC, and have a pretty good idea tha I am damn good at both, and dont limit my hatred to machines, but people that think they are status symbols.

Rejoice, the apple banwagon will end just like anything else. But I have a rock as a pet, and it twitters all day on myspace and facebook. This is beyond hilarious. You have a tone of people trying to get a piece of Bill Gates cock and thinks their custom built crap can out perform a Mac.

Sony face the same problem. They however offer better all in one system with touch screen and greater cpu when compared to iMac. The Mac Pro however has the ultimate tower. Relating to the iPad ban you have a case as apple clearly is monopolizing and some consumer laws regulate it.

However, it depends on the judge and lawyers as you are reselling their products without authorization. Just so you know…. And you are brainwashed by the notion that Apple users get less computer for their buck.

It has made my world so much simpler, and believe me, simple is good. I have never had a Genius Bar appointment start on time. I usually wait for an extra 20 to 30 minutes. When one of our Xserve servers failed to boot we were told to restore it from back from the night before.

Contrast this to Dell who has helped me with a similar issue with a PowerEdge server. They verified that I had a backup before starting, but then they got me through the problem without having to use it.

So you end up having to make an appointment a week ahead of time while you lose business hours, whereas many small, individually-owned computer stores will gladly look at and service your PC on the same day.

When I walked into a store with my iPod Touch one time to ask a simple question from an employee, I was directed to one of their display computers within the store to make an appointment. That appointment not only started late, but it also took about 5 to 10 minutes TOPS.

Flash back to Windows, and look at what the biggest complaints are about…. Just imagine the number of people at any one time who have a computer issue and you will understand some of the reasons behind why tech support for PC has gone in the direction it has.

Your logic is way off. Piss poor support, horrible attitude and hipster behavior? How do you figure? The OP knew there was an iPad limit yet thought he could pull one over by placing orders for others using a different account.

Yes, how dare that scoundrel give Apple so much money! They were right to ban him from giving them more money, the nerve! Perhaps that since only a certain number can be made and sent to each location didjya ever think that maybe, just maybe he was taking the opportunity away from others?

If he is selling without profiting them to others who cant purchase them for themselves how is that a valid argument? Apple, I am sure, has allocated a certain number to each store, in anticipation of affording everyone within a certain radius at least the opportunity to purchase a highly coveted product.

I think that system even has a name…. So the assumption that hes screwing his neighbors is wrong, its the quota that is supposed to help his neighbors that is screwing his neighbors. Steve did the same thing when he flew to Tennessee to get his liver transplant.

He took the opportunity away from someone. Why the scarcity in the first place? Apple either has chronic supplier problems or it sets up a phony scarcity so the long lines and customer hoop-jumping will generate publicity.

The logic is the same. Yes, Mac makes its own hardware AND software, but production is just part of the game. Having a lifetime limit is freaking stupid. Apple sets some rules on things, you try dodge the rules, and they catch you… What do you expect?

A pat on the back and a pony? Microsoft does not currently offer a tablet PC. There are several tablet PCs available that run Microsoft Windows, but none of them are Microsoft-branded. HP is about to release a very sleek-looking tablet PC that should provide some competition to the iPad.

Who the fuck does Apple think it is? Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. I like the products but i hate the people that work there, its like cmon now your making money either way, what do you want us to do. I would have popped them upside the head with it and said show me in writing what the rules are.

That is a bunch of BS and just pisses me off reading it. Is Apple supposed to just take your word that you are charging a decent price? I hope your local store has flagged you as a reseller.

Making it harder on regular customers to buy products at the normal price is quite the accomplishment to be proud of. Sure you may have been ignorant about the policy, but did you inquire about it after the first two iPads you bought?

So you got caught: Someone call the wahhhmbulance! In my opinion, apple is good at market and number manipulation. I myself would never buy an apple product because i feel they just make people stupider and stupider adn its their way of contorlling the market but now their game plan is in motion.

Seriously, people need to grow up though, the writer was simply telling a story and people blew the whole thing out of proportion. Thank you for your story, I found it interesting because I would have never thought of a lifetime ban existing, regardless, this further justifies my dislike of apple, and their dictatorial over priced ways.

You in all possibilities could be allowed to buy more, but have to talk to the right people in that store, or goto another one with different people in it. Thanks for the story. I get that you are just passing on your experience.

I agree that its good that Apple has a system in place. They knew there was going to be a big demand for this product and they could only produce so much at launch. Selling out of stock was not out of the relm of possibility.

Some people would blame them for not having a system like this in place. However, I cannot wrap my head around the life time ban. At some point short supply is not going to be a real issue.

Does the life time ban mean you will never be able to buy another one? A smarter approach in my opinion would be a limit or 2 every 30, 60 or 90 days. And why are the Apple employees not given a simple explanation to provide to customers?

What does that even mean? One human being is only allowed to buy 2 iPads in his entire liftime? LOL Stay classy, Apple, making your products into some kind of more important thing than it is: I agree, dimwitted and uncertain staff digging up one-liners from the corporate employee handbook would have been very prone to forcing me to bring about physical violence.

Well fuck them all. Not to mention engages in business practises that are very distasteful. Apple is clearly more innovative, more focused on the consumer experience and has far better customer service.

This is just stupid, complaining about something so obviously bogus. Get over yourself dude…. Apple made the shortage you fool. How did the Apple store dudes know he was reselling them? Does that get me banned? The level of control the institute is unreal.

Buy Apple products with a credit card that offers extended warranty protection to maximize your warranty coverage. Take advantage of Apple Store free shipping on all orders. Be on the lookout for Apple Store specials offering free gifts with certain purchases.

Gifts often include gift cards or even an iPad. Did this coupon work for you? Click for more details. Discount applied automatically in cart. Free next-day shipping is available on any in-stock iPhone.

You can see in your bag if your item qualifies. See checkout for delivery dates.

To see the size of a specific file or folder, click it once and then press Command-I. To see storage information about your Mac, click the Apple menu in the top-left of your screen. Choose About This Mac and click the Storage tab.

You can use Disk Utility if you need to erase or format a storage device. Get help by chat, phone, or email. You can also set up a repair or make a Genius Bar appointment. Back up your Mac Backing up your Mac is simple and important.

Make automatic backups Your Mac comes with software to make backing up simple. Make Time Machine backups. Recover files from your Time Machine backup. Store content in iCloud iCloud lets you store and access your photos, documents, music, and other files in the cloud.

Set up iCloud on your Mac. Copy files to another storage device If you have an external storage device, you can copy specific files and folders to it any time you want to back them up. He suggested that I can go to the UW store because they have it right away.

On the other hand, he gave me the alternative solution that they can order the parts and send it to the Bellevue store. Two days later, I received an email update that the new battery is ready and i can go back to the Bellevue store to change it.

Pretty efficient service and great follow up! The reason that I deduct one star is because the wait time at the Genius Bar was a little bit long. The people who work there are extremely rude. I stopped by on a Sunday at about 3: Even a stranger next to me commented on how rude the rep was.

Terrible experience overall but I unfortunately have to return to get that adaptor Very big store but not enough employees. I made an appointment for Tuesday 5pm and was there for almost three hours.

No one came up to me even asking if someone helped. What happened to Apple? They used to be so cool and the store was like visiting the temple of cool. There is no cool buzz. There are a bunch of annoyed, tired people waiting for the annoying hipster to see them.

Needless to say made my decision to upgrade real simple. I decided that the magic is gone. I still have a dependency on the apps on my phone and iPad but I think I will hold out a while still before upgrading.

Bring back the cool, Came in at 3 PM and waited 20 minutes just to get a phone charger replaced. There were so many employees standing around yet not a single one could help me cause i had to go through the Genius Bar.

Very poor customer service, would not recommend. If only Apple made better phone chargers I had scheduled an appointment with them for a cracked iPhone screen. I show up and they tell me my appointment cannot be found.

Most likely cancelled by them. This is completely ridiculous and utter waste of my time. I had to come 30 min from my home to this place and these folks completely wasted my time, and all that without a sense of apology or trying to solve the issue.

Never coming back here. They have been jacking up prices and steadily declining their customer experience. Thanks for the applause guys, I do love a good crowd, but I should have been clapping for you!! I was here for the life and work saving power of a new cord for my laptop, and you made it happen super quick and efficiently.

I was directly promptly to the back corner where I was assisted by a happy and helpful gentleman and checked out. On my way out a team member asked again if I had gotten everything I needed.

It been consistent third time that make me wait for more then 30 minutes after first taking the appointment. I checked in with an issue on my headphones they called me after 15 minutes and since 30 minutes i am waiting at the desk for them to show up this is normal for this store.

This store customer service is really really really bad Awful customer service, if you can even call it that. I dread coming here each time, and it seems worse each time. Go to another location if you can. Treating their customers well used to be something the Bellevue location excelled at but they have lost their way.

Hopefully Christian store manager can improve that in the future. Beware of atrocious customer service!!! This store is WAY too arrogant to be an Apple store. Bring a technical problem to them, they blame everything on the customers!

This afternoon my wife brought her iPad to this store to hopefully get fixed. Her iPad crashed upon her pressing the Update button. She asked for a more senior person and got this loud lady, supposedly a manager at the store, without even asking a question, just started yelling at my wife in a very loud, obnoxious voice.

She blamed my wife by not backing up stuff before upgrading to a new OS. If my wife knows how to back up stuff to the cloud, she would probably just stick with Windows 10 devices like Surfaces!! She also then said there is nothing she could do, and she said she was debating with my wife when really it was just her yelling at my wife.

We called the store, and asked for the name of the person that yelled at my wife. Talked to two people, finally spoke to this manager guy named Kevin W. Kevin seemed to be a nice guy at the beginning, willing to listen.

He gave a few different ways we can provide feedback or complaint to. Kevin pointed out that we could give feedback on the Apple. Knowing full well that the website would just lead to a black hole, and not having that specific email because the store took the wrong email address from my wife, we could never reach anyone at Apple with this complaint.

This was the sad ending to this traumatic experience for my wife. She was with my young son as well at the time this incident happened. If you have Apple products wanting to get service from this store at the Bellevue Square, you can pretty much forget about it.

Horrified, I called and cancelled the card, called my bank and the credit companies to place a fraud alert, filed an identity theft report on the federal website and called the police to file a report. Maria told me to tell the police to email her It happens that much??

No wonder sales are so high. Someone has all my information. Your information was stolen? They opened an account here?? I will contact the police myself and make sure they have access to everything we have, including the security video.

Also, because of this terrible experience and having to drive over from Seattle, let me give you a gift card Unfortunately, all I got was a bad Apple. I have been an Iphone user for a long time already.

Its huge like 1. But this place is less crazy and less busy compared to the Canada locations. So I personally like coming here if I am in the area. Lots of good products. But I find that the people know their stuff more than the Canada Apple Store.

Canada one need appointment. USA one you can walk up and get service. So hopefully you get to watch that while you wait for service. The apple store employee told me that they were not taking appointment even though I had one.

Even after showing the appt confirmation she said they were not taking appointments. She did eventually helped but was not friendly and was condescending. There were several other apple employees standing around, maybe I ended up with the wrong one, and should have asked for someone else but looking at the other one star reviews its seems like a common experience at this store.

I have been an iPhone user since October, after my beloved Nexus 5 died on me during vacation. My sister convinced me to join team iPhone since it would be more convenient to stop by an Apple Store if i ever run across that issue again.

And guess what, my iPhone was having backlight issues during the last three days of my trip in Rio. I visited the Bellevue location after I arrived back, thinking that I might be out of a phone for a few days.

I was so wrong. I immediately was greeted warmly and was settled at the genius bar with a specialist. I went over with her what was going on and the steps I took to fix the issue. She then ran a diagnostics test and said my display will need to be replaced.

When she confirmed with me that it will only take an hour, I was blown away as I was prepared to use a back-up phone. One hour later, my phone is now back up and running. My experience here today was pretty horrible.

I am a business leader in the area and previously lived at the Bravern Residences in the community for many years before relocating to Los Angeles and the service several years ago does not reflect the APPLE that I received today.

This location gives apple a bad name. Ive opened two apple stores in Northern California and our goal was customer satisfaction and unfortunately its the opposite here in WA. Not a single person other than Kevin went out of his way to assist with my online return.

After telling me it was impossible to do a return in store on an online purchase i knew they were not about helping out, unless apple changed the way they operate. After speaking with the online rep while in the store he was also boggled about why they would not do the return after calling in the store himself.

Either way thats fine. A print out of my shipping label was also denied "nooo sorry we cant do that here but you can go to fedex". This year alone my wife an i have purchased two macbook pros 15", one macbook pro 13", new iphone 8 and external hard drive.

Thousands spent and cant print me out a label for christ sake. No customer service here. Last time i step foot in this place again. Where is steve jobs when you need him to wake these people up! Came by to look and ended up buying 2 phones.

Kevin was the one that stopped and help us. His services helped us get the phones we wanted. We always find ourselves buying new phone only at the bellevue square location.

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If you buy too many Apple products, they cut you off????? Its all market manipulation and Apple did get the money for the ones he purchased. Upon opening the app, select the "Store" tab from the bottom. There are a bunch of annoyed, tired people waiting for the annoying hipster to see them. Both parties should respect and understand each other. How many virus resistant programs do you install on a PC? I immediately was greeted warmly and was settled at the genius bar with a specialist.

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